Arriving in Bangkok

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We arrived on the 4th of October in Bangkok. We were amazed how clean it is. We took a taxi and could notice streets can be very different to each others. Slums are mixed with very clean streets on the way between the airport and the city center.
After arriving to our hotel we went to a restaurant. By the way excellent. We paid in total 10 euros including beverage.

On the 5th of October, we decided to go to the Tourism Information. A Tuk Tuk brought us there. Many small branches of the main tourism information try to sell packages: travel in other cities of Thailand. If any special requirement is asked they can mostly not answer: a map of the city seems to be available only in the main tourism information. I would like to volunteer in Thailand however it seems to be quite difficult to find an association working like the sisters where any one can go and help. Here many details are required.
As we got a map we decided to make our mind to find places to visit. On the way a guy saw us and helped us a lot giving us many details. He explained us it was the birthday of a very great monk and for this reason Tuk Tuk were cheap (20B = 0.5 Euros) and would brought us to many places in Bangkok. He even found one for us.
We then went to see first the Big Buddha, then the Lucky Buddha. As the fest was being organized for next day a guy told us the entrance was not that easy. However he recommended us to go to a special tailor doing great discount.
Then we followed his idea and went there. The tailor designs really great smocking. After looking at many models with the help of Nino I went for a combination of some of them.
We came later back close to our guest house and decided to eat on the street where food is sold. It was excellent. Amazing, for less than 1 euro per person one can get really good food.

The 6th of October was our last day in our guest house. We found another one very close to the previous one and really wonderful. Antic style everywhere with a wonderful garden full of green trees. We moved in the morning and after a breakfast we had an appointment with our Tuk Tuk who promised us to take us back at 12:00. Unfortunately he did not came. We then took another one to go to a very touristic street. Many things being sold at much higher price than one can find in local shops. Furthermore people selling there are mainly unfriendly. It is however full of tourists.
After this we went to see Lucky Buddha which was now opened. Very lovely, full of people coming to pray. We were invited to sign as many buddist  Thai did on a Guest Book and to greet a picture of the Monk. We were amazed to see how Thai people are opened and let anyone come and take part to their celebration.
Later we lost in many streets and ended up in small ones where shops were intended for local people : very cheap prices and really nice and friendly people are working there. Nino bought new sandals and later we went back to the tailor for a first trial session.

Tomorrow another session to the tailor is planned and we would like to go for a fruit market …


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