Leaving Bangkok

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On the 27th of October we stood up at 7AM after a short night due to many dogs barking all the time. As we arrived, I was surprised that people in Nong Bua Lam Phu and Udon Thani like dogs so much. We have many dogs in France too but not to the extent I could see in north east of Thailand.
After getting up we got quickly ready and went walking to the bus station. The bus for Bankok leaving at 9AM was already there. We had not taken many things to eat as while coming from Bangkok to Udon Thani they had offered many dishes. By chance we had taken some water as in this bus no dish and no beverages were offered:-(
This time we did not drive on the motorway but through many villages. We could see several wonderful panoramas. Nong Bua Lam Phu is located 50KM south to Udon Thani but it took our bus more than 10 hours to bring us to Bangkok whereas going from Bangkok to Udon Thani lasted 8h30.
I took several hours to continue some software development on my program and was thinking as well a lot to these children. I wish so much I could bring something in their lives. Somehow, some ego from my side but as well a real compassion feeling. So far there is no fixed plan that let me think I would see them again … however sometimes life likes making surprises…
As we arrived to the bus terminal of Bangkok we took a taxi and were surprised how dense the traffic was. It took almost an hour for the taxi to drive the 8km to our hotel. As we arrived, we were surprised to see so many tourists. We had left Bangkok seeing more local people than tourists and coming back it is the opposite. Then we remembered that high seasons starts in november … hence this year it started a few days before …

Next day we had planned to go to Patunam. The cheap place where almost no tourists come as anyway clothes’ sizes are rather Thai ones. Nino could remember a few nice places where she may have bought a dress or new shoes. On the way we went through the electronic devices, I found a nice 200mW laser that I could use for medical therapy activating acupuncture points. Looking around we found that some places were selling IPhones for less than 100Euros. A person explained us that for each IPhone model, there are many assemblers. Each assembler leading to different prices. The IPhone we usually buy in Europe is the most expensive but the most reliable. Then lower prices are made possible through less reliable devices.
We walked as well through many clothes stores. Each store is tiny: less than 9m2. They offer very low prices however very often it is not allowed to try. As we came back I heard of a cheap fruits and vegetables market close to our hotel. As Nino felt tired, she went back in the room and I went searching for the cheap market. From the touristic area, walking a few meters in a street that can be found only by chance, one has the feeling to land in an other country. The market is covered, dense air inside but very nice smiling people. As many places were already closed I could not buy much. I was surprised to see that prices were lower than in Nong Bua Lam Phu. Walking around I noticed several narrow ways. I tried one. One each side were apartments were local people are leaving. Extremely hot, here no Air Cond. Usually only one small room to eat, sleep and watch TV for several people. Every one can see each other but people seem to be very nice. I wondered whether they could take showers. At the end of the narrow way many local places offering something to eat. However, here only thai people could be seen. I did not see a single tourist in this place.
I found very interesting to see the difference of the over touristic area compared to the real areas of people from Bangkok. On one side, loud music, light everywhere, many air-con systems. People being loud and most of the time not very opened to smile to other ones. On the other side the opposite 🙂
In the evening we went for a walk and made several photos of a nice place close to a temple. Tomorrow we must stand up at 3:45AM. Our plane takes off at 6:50 … the night will be short.

Actually the night was so short that we almost could not fall asleep. At 3:45 we stood up and at 4:05AM we were outside looking for a taxi … an unexpected adventure was waiting for us … as we found a taxi, we asked for the airport. I had prepared the word airport in Thai but the driver understood. He drove us almost 50 minutes. We arrived 2 hours before the departure. As we checked the departure flights … our flight was not in the list. Looking closer I noticed that no flights of Air Asia were in the list. Going to the information office I supposed there was another terminal … unfortunately since the beginning of the month, Air Asia is using another airport located 50 km far away.
We went back to our driver who drove us to the airport. We had only 380 Baht left (less than 10 euros) and 1 hour. The taxi driver drove fast and we thought it should be OK but arriving close to the airport he missed the exit of the road and seemed lost. After he tried a few roads we saw again a sign for the airport and we could get in its area. Again in the airport he lost. Time was getting critical … after a U-Turn driving in very strange roads we arrived less than 1 hour before the departure (check in would have closed 20 minutes later). The drive cost 381 Baht … we were leaving Thailand with 0 Baht 🙂


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