Last days in south east Asia

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The 10th of December was the first full day I was alone.It was strange, after a long night I stood up and went for breakfast. I went for a walk and read on a small place in front of a river we had discover with Nino. Midday I ate and then I went to take a suit that was made by a Taylor who countersigned that no children were involved in the process of making it. Being back I read some more and then I went for a walk where a huge fest was taking place. Almost only Thai people were there. It was behind the touristic zone. Nice animations and very cheap products were sold. It was interesting. I went later for dinner and called Nino … after this it was time for rest …

I stayed in Bangkok until the 17th of December. Many companies had promised to call me however only a few did. Looks like the end of the year and the due meeting were a too high overhead. Somehow I regretted not to have left earlier to Calcutta. I had put a high priority on the job interviews and I should have rather kept the priority of the travel …
In the meantime I spent sometime reading and discovering new streets in Bangkok. It was very hot but I like this. I enjoyed the weather very much. I took the opportunity to contact a few companies in China to print my book about acupuncture. One seems very good. I had quite a lot of work to prepare the format they needed and discuss about many details. They would first create a sample and then I may decide to go for 500 Pcs.
I also read some books about deeper C++ and algorithms  I had been programming JAVA for my acupuncture program but C++ may be more required for the interviews.

On the last day I went for breakfast in a small restaurant and had my last vegetarian Green Curry. In the street a man comes every day to sell mango. However this day I had certainly missed him. Then I walked on the way to the grand Palace and continued further. I found a first small temple where many local people were praying. No tourists at all. I like this discovering local people instead of being in the middle of thousand of tourists.
On the way a saw a woman selling Mango. I bought 3 of them … last day would be my mango day 🙂
A man who was dressed like a woman was singing. Maybe these were mantras. I walked further and entered again another temple. Again almost no tourists (may be I saw 2 or 3). Actually it was like a cemetery  as far as I know people get burned after they passed away. Very small surfaces having photos of people were stored below many Buddhas  In this place there was a temple as well. I decided to come in a meditate one hour inside.
After this I cam back to my hotel and ate my first mango. After writing a few mails I went for lunch and later to drink my last coconut of Thailand … as I arrived the waitress Guid recognized me as she had served us when I first came with Nino.

We had a small talk and I had my coconut that I drank slowly 🙂 As I left she proposed me to show a few places in Bangkok as this was my last day. I agreed and we went for a long walk. Very interesting. She took the time to show me many wonderful places in Bangkok I was not aware of. As it was the evening, there was no tourists. After the walk we took a first boat, then a second one to arrive at a wonderful temple made by the chinese several hundreds years ago.

After this we went for another long walk and ended in Khao San Road where she met some friends. I showed up very shortly as I had to prepare my luggage … this was my last evening in Bangkok … really nice.

Tomorrow I will fly to Calcutta…


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