In the night of the 23rd to the 24th I felt the throat hurting quite a lot. I understood quite immediately I got a cold. In the morning I was very tired and had to accept I could not go to the orphanage. At 11:00AM I went for breakfast and then went back to bed for 4 hours. Again I stood up for lunch. On the way there are always many beggars. Being myself sick I felt more compassion for them and decided to give one 10 roupies (the sisters strongly advise never to give any money to them). The guy ran after me telling me he rather needed vitamins … an Indian who saw the scene came to me and explained I should avoid giving money to them. If they need something they can go to the sisters but giving them money would support their way of living. He was a nice man. After lunch I wanted to go to the ATM. The beggar saw me again and started many explanations to try to convince me he needed vitamins which were certainly rather drugs.
In the evening a water fall started from our hotel. Somehow a pipeline broke down. Many people looking at it. The street were full of decorations for Christmas  Some Indian people came to me and wished me a Merry Christmas. As I came back back to my room I could hear the rats digging on the roof. Many thoughts were surrounding me: all these people in Europe suffering being alone. Many committing suicide on Christmas Eve. Somehow being here and sick gave me the feeling I was a little closer to them. I was as well missing Nino and my parents. That was my very first Christmas Eve away from my parents.

Next day was Christmas. I was still sick in bed. I very often wondered what is the sense of this fest. Many speak about sharing but I mostly never shared anything on this day. Being here gave me the feeling I was however sharing something with poor people. Despite my state is far away from them: they sleep in the street, some never had seen a roof above their head, it was like if this Christmas had more sense than the other ones. I would have preferred spending that day with children of the orphanage but somehow the Life had decided it in a different way. I was feeling better but still weak and could certainly best case not go to the orphanage before the 27th …

26th I was feeling better and 27th almost cured but as I remembered Gianni not really getting out of his cold maybe because he started again being active too soon I preferred taking this day as a rest. Actually I again slept half of the day. In the evening I however decided next day I would go to the sister’s breakfast and hopefully would see Enrico there …



2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. ULPIANO ANNA says:

    Malgré la distance, nous étions avec toi par la pensée en cette nuit de Noël, bisous mam

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