40 years under the sunrise of Angkor Wat

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The 26th of November is my birthday … 40 years old this year and we had decided to go to see the sunrise on Angkor Wat. For this we had reserved a Tuk Tuk at 5:00AM. We woke up at 4:20PM (it was still the 25th of November in Europe 🙂 ) and we immediately brought our backpack to our new hotel. The Tuk Tuk was already there since 4:00AM … After leaving our luggage we went to Angkor Wat. Many many tourists were coming too. We all stood close to a small lake in front of the tours. It was 5:15AM and we started waiting for the sun rise under a sky full of stars. A short time before the sun rose, many clouds were already there. However it was wonderful to see the tours emerging every morning from the night since over 1000 years. We had brought our breakfast and ate looking at the splendid view. After this we went back to our Tuk Tuk and went to another temple we had not seen yet where huge trees grew in between of the walls giving a surrealistic feeling. Again this was very impressive. Next temple was the jungle temple. In the middle of a deeper forest again many parts of the walls eaten by trees demonstrating the power of nature over the years. As we left, our Tuk Tuk driver proposed us to go to a quite far away temple (37km far) for anshort time later came her son (around 8 years old). They looked very poor and one could see they could not wash easily certainly because a lack of water. We gave 1$ to the boy to improve our contact and were laughing thanks to a cat having fun in the grass. Later I asked what was boiling there and whether it was something to eat. The woman went back to her place and came back with 2 glasses. She took a little of this strange potion in one glass and made it colder by emptying one glass into another to make the fluid colder. I tried to say I was not hungry but I felt it would have been very impolite to refuse. Hence I tried the strange potion. It was quite good, very sweet with a taste I could not really define. However I liked it. After more than 30 minutes our driver came back. As I had still a closed water bottle I offered it to our guests. As Nino said this was like a tour … actually much better than a tour it is the kind of present the life offers where we had the opportunity to discover real local people. The Tuk Tuk brought then us back to our hotel around 2:00PM. I went quickly to eat something and then we slept more than 3 hours. After this we went for a walk in the city and looked at the market … unfortunately for tourists only … however we did not miss to buy our evenings Mango 🙂