Last days with Nino

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We left Phnom Penh by bus on the 7th of december. The pick up was at 6:00AM. The bus drove to the border. We arrived around 1:00PM. Here we had to cross the border waiting in long queues. Around 3:00PM we were in the next mini bus which drove us to Bangkok. We arrived around 6:00PM.
It was nice seeing again this city. On the 8th, as usual we walked a lot and visited again Patunam 🙂 At the same time we had a strange feeling: we knew we were spending the last hours together and would not see again before 2 months … in Germany.

The 9th of december was my last day with Nino. We spent the day walking around in Bangkok, a huge city. We went to some places we had never seen before. At 4:30PM we took a taxi for the airport. We arrived around 5:30PM and time to check in we sit in some place waiting until 6:30PM. Then Nino is gone.

I came back with the train. It was the first time, much cheaper than the taxi. It was a sky train, I could see many parts of the city and feel even more how huge it was. As I arrived in my room, I felt a strange sensation, continuing the travel alone was both hard and exciting. We wrote a little with Julieta the sister of Nino and after this I went for a long recovering sleep …