Losing time in Phnom Penh

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On the 28th the mini bus we reserved would pick up between 8:00AM and 8:30AM for a 5 hours drive to Phnom Penh where I would have some time to write these lines ūüôā Arriving in the hotel we were surprised how dirty it was. We decided we would move next night. We decided to go¬†immediately¬†to a restaurant and then go and meet the sisters. The restaurant was more expensive than in Siem Reap with lower quality … it was strange as the city is big and we do not feel so many tourists are around. After lunch we went to the sisters where a bad surprised welcomed us … already many people were volunteering almost as much volunteer as children to take care hence our action would have not much sense. We then decided we would move back to Siem Reap. If there we would have the same problem we would go back volunteering somewhere in Thailand. However before leaving we had to make a new visa entry for Nino …

Next day we went to the Thai embassy which was closed because of holiday … we have quite some bad luck. We used the day to change the hotel as the previous one was really dirty. We visited the downtown as well which is quite nice. However we went back quite soon as it was too hot outside …

Friday the 30th we could ask for a new Visa … it would require at least 3 working days. Hence would not be ready before Tuesday 4th of December. It was quite long staying in this city as during the day it is so hot that one cannot really enjoy going around. We stayed mostly in our room. I took the¬†opportunity¬†to do some software development. On the 4th we got our Visa! We reserved¬†immediately¬†our way back to Siem Reap.

Later talking about personal things, we came to the point that we had consider going to Georgia instead of continuing our travel in Asia. That meant changing our back flight ASAP to go back to Munich and then fly to Georgia (this was the cheapest way) … Hence another few days had to be spent in Phnom Penh a city we did not really enjoy … We had to fight a little with the travel agency to get a different routing. As they finally accepted (3 more days later) Nino advised me to consider not going with her to Georgia as I will be highly lacking time to prepare my job interviews: Over there many people may come to visit willing to meet the french boy friend preventing any job interview process or software development … we thought about several alternatives. It was quite hard to accept the option we do not stay together till mid of january as planned.
After thinking about various scenarios we decided I would stay in Asia. Nino would leave on the 9th of December to Munich. She changed her previously booked flight to Georgia planned on the 19th of January to leave Munich on the 12th of December and she would stay in Georgia until the 4th of February.
On my side I had to prepare a few jobs interview with good Internet connection till 14th of December. Hence I booked the next cheapest flight to Calcutta: The 17th of December. I hope I succeed in showing up same day at the sister to start serving.
These decisions were however not easy to accept for both of us despite there was no real alternative. On the other side slowly I had the feeling to start a new adventure. I would not have gone to Calcutta with Nino. The city is very dirty, the whether quite hard for women who usually suffer more from the heat than men. Hence this decision may have been the one allowing me to try the experience which first gave me the idea of this travel: volunteering in Calcutta.