Way to Cambodia

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We arrived in Bangkok in the afternoon, We had reserved a Hotel on the Internet. We ended in the most crappy one of the city … by chance we had reserved only 1 night. We moved next day to the place we were before ; the very nice and old house. We spent 3 nights. I had many jobs interview. On the 23rd in the morning we decided to move to a place close to Angkor in Cambodia. We would have to get up at 6:30AM to get a first bus to the border. Make a Visa and move further to Angkor.

On the 24th of November got up at 6:30AM, time to eat a few bananas and go to the bus stop. We left Bangkok at 8:00AM. We traveled in a mini bus (we were 10 passengers only). We drove to the border and had planned to do our visas ourselves as explained to the agency. We arrived around 1:00PM at the border and noticed the travel agency had cheated us: we had to let our visa done for twice the normal price as the bus dropped us far away from the place to do Visa on Arrival. After crossing the border (it was around 5:00PM), we should have taken another bus. However, we had the bad surprise the bus would come one hour later. Furthermore it would have been a 6 hours drive with the bus (versus 2 to 3 hours with a taxi). Our guide proposed us expensive taxis. The guide also advised us to convert local Thailand currency into Cambodia currency (with a so called fair price as it would be much more expensive in Cambodia (Again it was wrong, in Cambodia one gets dollars from ATM and any touristic place will accept mainly dollars).
Christoph a nice guy from Austria travelling with us found a taxi driver proposing us to drive to Siem Riep for a cheaper price. We accepted, it was a 2 hours drive. The taxi driver explained us that such bus are so slow because they make 2 long break of 30 minutes each in places where traveler are strongly invited to buy many unuseful things.

On the 25th of November we stood up at 9:40AM. We were quite tired from previous day. We went for breakfast and found a Tuk-Tuk who drove us to Angkor the famous city of legend. We arrived to Angkor Wat which is the smallest part. Despite being the smallest one, what can be see there is amazing. Very old stones full of stories spreading strong feeling of so many centuries. Angkor was at its time the biggest city of the world. It was certainly as well one of the most beautiful one. After staying a few hours in the first temple, the Tuk Tuk brought us to the second one; Angkor Thorm. Even more authentic as the first place we saw. It was really wonderful. They are the most wonderful monuments I have seen in my life. I felt the sculpted stone thinking of the person having worked on it more than 1000 years ago, it was the feeling of a connection over 2 different times. Getting out of the second one we went along a long old way made of stone with many elephant sculptures. We saw on the way another small temple. As my knee started to hurt I did not climb but Nino did. After this we continued the way of stones which was quite long and ended to the place our Tuk Tuk was waiting for us. As we were tired we went back home. In the evening we found another hotel almost in front of ours much cheaper and much more cleaned. We would move in the next day.