First Day in Dar es Salaam

We arrived yesterday in Dar es Salaam. Compared to the first flight bringing us to Doha, passengers did not seem so rich. The duration of the flights were the same. Getting out of the plane, the difference was interesting: the plane was left much cleaner than the one landing in Doha full of people showing being quite rich through clothes and expensive electronic devices.

After landing, we filled all necessary forms and took a taxi to the hotel. The hotel is located in the poor part of the center of the city. We even have WC and shower in the room 🙂

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The street is full of peolple going everywhere. Many small business are running with a lot of various colors on them. After sleeping a few hours we stood up and decided to go immediately to the sisters. The location seemed to be quite far away and had to take a taxi for this. Here using taxi is a not really cheap. The way is not that long but as the road are not that fluid it takes a lot of time. Sometimes, cars have to wait 15 minutes at a cross before they can go ahead.

The sister’s place is quite peaceful, they care about children. They accepted us to start on Friday for 1 and half week helping all day long. A pleasant aspect of the life here is the global relaxed behavior of people. One feels immediately taken from this different concept of life. Many people running a business, sit talking with others waiting that a customer comes. The human relationship seems to be far more extended here as what we have in rich cities of Europe.

I remember going in the center of Munich 3 days ago. I was surprised that people were quite impatient. This feeling is very common during Christmas period in Munich. However I was surprised to notice that in summer … hence the difference between the 2 places: Munich and Dar es Salaam is even greater. We hardly see tourists, and most people star at us with a kind of surprised look. People seem to be very gentle. Each time we ask for something to some one many other people come and try to answer us. Men look often at Nino. Our clothes are quite different and it was recommended not to use too tiny ones. However, legs until the knees and shoulder can be free of clothes. The rest of the body should be covered. No one asks us for money. In the hotel, based from what I saw in the guest book, most people staying here are local ones or from other african countries. This allows us to discover even deeper how local people live.

At the beginning of the evening, we wanted to get closer to the beach where many european restaurants are located. We prefer to come in this new life step by step and try to be very careful to what we eat and drink. As Rainer and Sylvie, 2 great friends of Munich recommended, we are following the rule:

You cook it, you pill it or you leave it.

Going through the streets we started finding our way to the beach, It is interesting to see that most people do not know the street names. One has to know approximately the streets names going to the searched place to find and little by little ask to local people. At 7PM in less than 20 minutes, the city was completely dark.

Hence we stopped our trip to european restaurant and came back with a taxi. Walking in Dar es Salaam at night is not recommended for tourists … Today, we plan to do rastas 🙂 Nino would like to completely change her hair into rasta ones. I may ask for a few too 🙂 After this we will certainly go to the beach and take our breakfeast at the Epi D’or a french location. I hope to be able to ask the local french running this place for some hints: what to eat, and other global hints he would have in mind …


Flying to Dar es Salaam

We arrived at the airport 2 hours before the plane took off. Goga, Nino’s brother and a friend of him drove us to the airport. The plane was already full and looks like we got the last 2 free places … unfortunately not close to each other.
Furthermore, we will have to apply for a transit visa. The lady providing us the boarding passes told us it will cost between 50 and 200 US $ for each of us 😦
By chance entering the plane, I asked the person sitting close to Nino whether he would mind switching the places. He immediately accepted. That was really great from him.
Qatar airways seems to be a really nice company, very comfortable flight, with many choices of film to watch. I had never seen so many woman with the tchador.
Dinner was good and almost too much. We are still flying by the time I prepare this post. We should land in 3 hours.

After landing, it is interesting to see that the plane mostly filled from local people of Qatar having expensive clothes and electronic material left a plane extremely dirty. We were surprised to see that mainly because Qatar is quite an extreme cleaned place.

About the Transfer Visa, by chance the woman at the check-in place made a mistake and nothing had to be paid 🙂