Discovering a beach of Dar es Salaam

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First rest day, we got up and went to tourism information. As many of them in several countries I visited. People is unfriendly. Each question seemed to be one too much … however I asked many a anyway 🙂 The answers were not very detailed.
We then decided to go to a beach in Dar es Salaam. We had to take the ferry for this. Very cheap: 200Tsh = 10 Euro cents. The place is really wonderful, many small shops with a completely different atmosphere. This part of Dar es Salaam seems to be much more rich.
We tried first walking along the beach but a man told us it was unsafe for tourists.

Then we walked following the road hoping we would meet soon a beach. After a first indication the beach was 7km away, we took a Tuk-Tuk which drove us for 5000Tsh.
The beach fees was 10000Tsh each including drinks. The beach was really wonderful. We stayed there a couple of hours, made a lot of photos.

After a while some Chinese businessmen came along. They asked us where we were from. We asked as well about them, they explained they were thinking about investing for a 5 stars hotel we could enjoy if they go for it … however, the budget will certainly be too high for us.

Later we came back, tomorrow we go for the village-museum and we will see if we can find a bus for Arusha the second biggest city of the country.