Last days in Tanzania

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On the 29th of September we spent some time in Stone Town. Somehow Nino was very tired and slept a part of the afternoon. I took the opportunity to further develop the program of acupuncture I am working on.

We arrived on the 30th september in Dar es Salaam. The ocean was quite angry and we felt not very good on the boat. It was interesting to see that most of people were not that impacted and we belonged to the very few feeling sick. After looking long enough far away we felt better. As we arrived in Dar es Salaam we were still somehow not feeling very good and that could be the reason why we are unsure if we forgot our camera on the boat or if it was later stolen.
We arrived at the hotel and after doing some Internet went to sleep.

On the 1st of October, we stood up and after breakfast went for the last time to the sisters to say good bye. The children were very happy to see us again. There we met a sister starting the process to become a missionary of charity. She will care of the disabled children we were in charge. Itr was good. This was her first day and we talked a little our experience that we had with them during our stay.
We then left and after having shipped a few items to Germany went to the company of Ferry to check whether they would have found the camera … they had not.
Then we went for our last dinner in Africa. Next day we must leave early to go to the airport.