One night in Calcutta

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We took off on the 2nd of october for Calcutta. We landed on the 3rd at 3:05 AM. Our flight for Bangkok was on the 4th at 11AM. We first thought we try to stay in the airport until our next flight takes off. However, the airport was cold and full of mosquitos. Furthermore no chance to lay down. Hence we took our chance and after having a few indications to a hotel tried to follow them.
Going through a few streets to reach our accommodation we could notice Calcutta is much poorer than all what we could see in Tanzania.
Furthermore many people having clothes quite dirty gives even more an impression of poorness.
Our hotel cost 750Rs (15$) for a night. It was fine nothing special. We first slept 6 hours and then went along the street to discover a little part of this city.
What is surprising is how much they tend to horn when driving. We could not understand the meaning. Sometimes the street was blocked and anyway horning was useless. Other times the way was free but people having big cars were horning anyway … The poorness of the city was even clearer going along the narrow street our hotel was.

Next day the guy in charge of the hotel they ran behind us telling a Tip of 20 Rs was mandatory. We paid and then decided to go to the airport. A guy proposed to bring us for 10 Rs. However he misunderstood we wanted to go to the airport and then he required us to give him 60 Rs.

At the end it was not much money but it is rather the feeling to be treated in an impolite manner which was unpleasant for us.

We waited a couple of hour at the airport and flew to Bangkok …