Arriving in Hoi An

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We arrived on the 5th of November around 5:30PM in our Hotel of Hoi An. The room was not very nice, looking old and somehow wet. As we went for dinner we discovered a little the city. Really nice. I usually do not like touristic places but I find this one peaceful and very lovely.

Next day the rain waked us up. It was raining a lot. The streets could hardly get rid of the amount of water. However local people continued doing their usual things, driving bikes or walking under the heavy rain. Most of them were wearing a protection but some did not. The hotel staff promised us the rain would stop by 12:00AM. We did not really believed it but around 11:00 AM the rain really stopped and the sun was strong enough to provide new dried roads. One hour after coming back in our room, the staff proposed us another room. As we saw it we immediately accepted. Very clean with balcony and nice furnished. We then decided to go to the center and visit a little the town. We like it very much. Many places to do shopping. People working inside are constantly trying to convince us to come in … but OK saying no they do not insist a lot. Coming back we saw an orphanage on the road to our hotel. I came in and asked whether I could volunteer. They replied me it was possible but I had to bring my pass, visa and a photo the next day. Coming back to our hotel we ate khakis we bought on the market (1Euro for 1kg) and the dragon fruit (as well 1euro for 1kg). Khakis were amazingly good. The dragon fruit is good but does not match my tastes as much as mango or khakis … In the evening we decided we would go back in the center to make nightly pictures. As we went eating, we found the food so good that we decided we would take the offered cooking class next day.

On the 7th I stood up and directly went to the orphanage located 5 minutes walk from the hotel. I presented my pass and I was offered tea. After a small discussion I was offered to start next day. As I could not start immediately we decided I would start on monday. Then we went to the restaurant for the cooking class. After taking the boat to go to the market the cook showed us many nice things of the market. Then from 11::00AM we started cooking. We had chosen 4 different dishes. Once ready we ate our dishes. As there was too much the cook proposed us to keep the rest for the evening.
After this we went walking around and we went back home for a couple of hours. I had a preparation for a job interview.
In the evening we went eating the rest of the dish. My job interview will be on friday 3:00PM (9:00PM local time).