Ha Long Bay

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We stood up a little tired. Went for breakfast at 7:30. The bus pick us up at 8:15AM. This was a private bus which continued picking up many tourists from different hotels. At 9:00AM the bus was full (the guide apologized we were already late). As we just started to drive, the driver noticed we had a tie flat. Every one had to get out and the tie had to be repaired. It lasted another 20 to 30 minutes and we came back into the bus. We drove around 4 hours with a 20 minutes pause. As we arrived we went to the boat where lunch was served and the boat started the trip to the bay. As soon as we were finished eating we went on the roof and enjoyed the panoramas. It was wonderful, there were many huge rocks every where. We event visited a floating village and had a chance to do some kayaking. Before leaving we went seeing a grotto. It was discovered around 1993 by chance by a fisherman observing a monkey. It is quite huge and very nice illuminated. However, before the discover,  nature was peaceful and now many buildings are being built… After this the boat brought us back to the harbor. Another 4 hours drive and we were back in our hotel around 9:00PM. We would move to Hue a historical city the next day. A train costs 38$ with soft seats but we found a night bus for 17$ where it is possible to sleep in beds.

The 3rd of November was our last day in Hanoi. We went to the market and bought some vegetables. After this a look at the Hanoi Towers (where we passed by many times without knowing they were the well known ones). Usually midday I eat in some local restaurants. Most of them are not much cheaper than restaurants for tourists but I find it fun. This day I tried a new one, I was surprised, for 1 euro I got a huge portion of rice with omelets, vegetables, tofu, nuts and soup… The day was short as we had to wait for a so called minibus (actually 2 scooters) at 5:30PM bringing us to a taxi point. The taxi drove us to the night bus at 5:40PM. I had never seen such a bus, around 50 beds were inside instead of seats. However, the size of each bed was rather for thai size appropriated 🙂 It was quite small for me 🙂 The bus left Hanoi around 6:30PM.
The travel was not too bad. Beds were quite hard and the road not very good but however better than uncomfortable seats.