Last days in Vietnam

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The 17th of November was a Saturday and we had decided to go and visit the temple of My Son. This temple was built around 700. It was then forgotten and found by chance around 1880 where it was refurbished. It was wonderful. Unfortunately in 1960 US bombed destroyed the most of it … There were very very much tourists at that place. It was interesting  to think that this place which was highly spiritual is now highly touristy … looks like the balance described by the ancient Chinese never fails over the time. It rained full day. We were very lucky with the weather as till that day it rained maximum half a day. Almost every year Hoi An will be several times under water. In a restaurant we were shown that water can be around 2 meters high. However this year it did not happen a single time …

Sunday the 18th we left Hoi An. We will remember this magical place. Looking like a poem. However we will as well remember the hard life of women there. They are doing any kind of jobs: even building houses. I had never seen this in my life. Maybe equality of sex is as well due to the difficult past where women were extremely involved in the war against the US. However, despite we liked this country we felt better in Thailand because people are smiling so much, welcoming so much and feel really happy just exchanging a few words despite communicating with them is much harder as they mostly do not speak english at all.

As we arrived in Hanoi we had a pleasant feeling: Hoi An was so calm and peaceful that we were really enjoying being again in a chaotic place where everything goes faster. We arrived in the afternoon in our hotel and looked immediately for salsa in the evening. Nino found a place not far from the hotel. After having dinner in an Indian restaurant we went dancing. However, the level was far below the first salsa party we went to. We left around 10:00PM and spent some time in a night market. After this we went back to out hotel and ate our last 2 Vietnamese Mango 🙂

Next day we had to get up early to take our breakfast. After this we went in a shopping centre located on a main place of Ha Noi. It was full of french known brands. However very surprising how empty it was. No one inside, most of the shops were closed and some even already emptied. We were surprised as many small shops are selling quite expensive brands in Hanoi but looks like this shopping centre arrived too early … we continued walking around and in the evening we went eating in a nice Vietnamese place … that was our last evening in Ha Noi. Later we went for a walk by the lake. We saw many people dancing on different music. It was a private party. As we were looking at them one of them came to us with 2 beverages that he offered us and invited us to take part to the party … it was nice. We danced a few Batchata and Tcha tcha … after this we went back to our hotel … next day we had to get up at 6:00AM …