One day in Hué

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We arrived in Hue around 8:30AM. From there 2 scooters brought us to our hotel. We were very surprised from the hotel. A little cheaper than the one in Hanoi (12$) but very good standing. I would rate it as a 3 stars one for european standards. Actually I have already been in 4 stars hotels in Paris which were not so good as our hotel 🙂 As the room was not yet ready we were proposed to got first for breakfast. It was a buffet. Very good for 2.5$ each. As the room was still not ready after taking breakfast, we decided to see around and actually immediately went to the citadel. The city is quite nice but very touristic which makes local people calling tourists to sell or propose trips every 100 meters or so … this is the unpleasant side. It is however much quieter than Hanoi, not that Chaotic (actually I liked Hanoi as well because it was chaotic). The temples we saw in the citadel were very beautiful. I had expected very old ones but the oldest was built around 1800. Actually the city is not very old despite, the citadel looks very old.
Around 3:00PM we came back to our hotel and slept almost 3 hours. As we got up, we decided we would leave next day to Hoi An which is according our book a very charming city. Our hotel was proposing bus ticket for 5$ each (the drive lasts around 3 to 4 hours). In the evening we had dinner in an Indian restaurant.

Next day we got up late and left our room around 12:00AM after having taken the nice breakfast. Our bus was picking up at 1:00PM at the hotel. We had reserved an hotel in Hoi An which like in Hue made some promotions. We would stay there at least 3 nights… The bus which brought us to Hoi An was actually a night bus having only beds (no sits). From Hue it took around 4 hours drive. I had read that the landscapes between the 2 cities are wonderful … indeed really wonderful. I tried to take some pictures but it did not work out …